I am very happy to announce the third reading for WRITING MATTERS, which will take place on December 13th. The speaker will be author and essayist Mark Slouka. When I first read Mark, I was literally made breathless by the beauty of his prose.  I'm not the only one. About his novel BREWSTER, Bonnie Jo Campbell said, "This beautifully written coming-of-age story sings with wisdom and heart." Brian Hall said, of the same book, "If ecstasy was Nabokov's keynote, Slouka's is passion. I can think of no one who writes with such brazen fervor, with so much heart poured into every line."

Mark has written both fiction and non-fiction. One non-fiction book, WAR OF THE WORLDS: CYBERSPACE AND THE ASSAULT ON REALITY talks about how virtual reality and blurring of real life with corporate fantasy has become a "genuine cultural pheonmenon." In his book ESSAYS FROM THE NICK OF TIME, he argues that "The humanities are a superb delivery mechanism for democratic values." In another essay he says "Idleness is...requisite to the construction of a complete human being."

Come to hear this compelling and highly esteemed author, a real writer's writer, who will give you a lot to appreciate and think about. Also, we'll figure out a way to have fun with him.

As this is our first male author, we'll celebrate by having boy food. I can't wait. I love wings and sliders.  This event costs $10,  and any proceeds will buy books for children in need through Magic Tree Bookstore.  After only two events, we have donated $840.

As with the last wonderfully successful event,  I want this one to be more than a usual reading, I'd like it to feel like an evening out, a night's entertainment. I want you to be pleased, surprised, edified, galvanized, and inspired. The reading space will be quiet and made beautiful. We will present a young person reading a very brief essay of their own composition about why books matter to them in advance of the author talk. Thus far, that has been a much appreciated part of the evening.

Oak Park is a great town to do this in, because there are so many good stores and restaurants here, so ostensibly you can make a day of it: come early, do some shopping and have dinner before or after the reading. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Oak Park Arts Club (Hemingway Museum)
200 N. Oak Park Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60302
To reserve your seat, please send a check for $10.00 made out to Elizabeth Berg
c/o Midwest Media
7115 North Ave. #303
Oak Park, Il 60302

or click below to get tickets through Brown Paper tickets. You'll be charged $11.34 instead of $10, but it's worth it if you like the convenience of just clicking to buy. I've used them for theater tickets, and they're very dependable.