Writing Workshops

My writing workshops are designed to give women time and space to discover things about themselves both as writers and as human beings. I want to offer an opportunity for that rarest of things: reflection. Rumination. Rest. I want participants to take the time that they need to write something, think about it, revise it, and then go deeper. I want them to experience the value in having a room all their own away from their normal routine. During their stay, I want them to purposefully seek out beauty evey day, either using my suggestions for certain places in whatever city we're in, and/ or finding places on their own. Beauty mends and inspires. It bolsters up a sagging spirit. I want them to eavesdrop, to talk to strangers, to stand still and watch the way the wind moves the trees, to utilize all their senses in ways they might never have before. I want them to learn to trust their intuition--creatively and otherwise.
If you want to write most effectively, you need time to to breathe, to look, listen and feel. You need to understand that writing is immersion into an idea or ideas, and that it takes place both on and off the page--some of my best ideas come in the shower, or while dreaming. Quiet and solitude can help you do your best work, but the workshop will also provide you with the company of the teacher and the other participants twice a day. Our writing classroom is a safe and supportive place, and we try to check our egos at the door. A workshop is not a competition.
Writing-vacations.com came about because I took a cooking class in Italy that literally changed my life. When the woman who ran the program asked me to come back and teach writing in combination with cooking classes, I readily agreed. Then, one night when we were sitting around drinking wine in Positano (as the sun set into the Tyrrhenian Sea) I said, "You know, Lauren, you should offer writing workshops for women that would let them be in beautiful places all over the world. Sort of a writing vacation." We decided that I would do another class in Italy, combined with cooking; and then do other classes stateside that just concentrated on writing. Lauren takes care of the paperwork, the welcome dinner and welcome bag of gifts. I (and, soon, other award winning authors) teach. My goal as a teacher is to inspire you to be the best writer that you can, and to be gratified and surprised by all that you find within yourself. I keep the workshops small, limited to 8, in order to give enough attention to participants. I insist that "my" women stay in nice places. This drives the price point up, but I also believe it helps contribute to a wonderful and productive experience. 

For more details, please go to writing-vacations.com