Elizabeth Berg presents Writing Matters: Visiting Authors to Oak Park


Writing Matters is happy to present to you a belated Valentine in the form of author Elinor Lipman, a most charming writer who's been called the Jane Austen of our time. Her novels and non-fiction are witty, intelligent, optimistic and really fun to read. She'll be talking not only about her new book, ON TURPENTINE LANE, but about her many other books, and her life as a writer. Here's a couple of typical comments from critics:

"Elinor Lipman's social satire is Larry David without the high-pitched whine. Her novels have the clean, airy lines of P.G. Wodehouse and E.F. Benson. Her irony is not mean, not at the expense of any particular race, creed or color. Things get messy, but the promise of resolution allows for a beautiful circulation in her writinga reader doesn't feel indignant; body parts do not clench. No one is trying to manipulate you into feeling something. It's hard (even annoying) to have to put her novels down.
L.A. Times

"If Elinor Lipman were less smart (in the American sense), and if there were any justice in the world of books, her novels would be storming the bestseller lists. They are quirkily romantic, funny, beautifully plotted and written with the sort of painstaking craft that seems effortless....superb...an unalloyed delight."  Sunday Times (London)
At this event, we will be serving our usual awesome assortment of homemade desserts, wonderful cheeses, and red and white wine.
As people who have come before know, this is far more than a typical author reading and signing. It's a real evening out: informative, inspirational, and so much fun! We always have a few surprises to offer you, and we will remind you that not only does writing matters, books do. Reading does. Getting out and mixing with like-minded people does, too. We've had people fly in to these events from out of town. We've had people who have come to every single one. (THANK YOU!!)
As in all WRITING MATTERS events, proceeds from the $10 ticket charge ($10.00 if you buy them from brownpapertickets.com, $15.00 at the door) will go toward working against violence in Chicago by supporting Tee's Snack Shop on Madison Street, a kind of of culinary ministry that serves non-judgment and loving kindness along with its awesome turkey burgers. Please come--and bring a friend!

As with the other events we've done, this will feel like a real evening out, a night's entertainment. My wish is for you to be pleased, surprised, edified, galvanized, and inspired.

Oak Park is a great town to do this in, because there are so many good stores and restaurants here, as well as the Frank Lloyd Wright house and studio. (Many of his houses are here, and you can take a tour of them if you'd like.) Come and make a day--or a weekend-- of it!

You can buy your tickets at Brown Paper tickets:


  or at the door for $15.00, though if you want to guarantee a seat, it's better to get your ticket ahead.

Saturday, February 18, 2017  7pm-9pm
Oak Park Arts Club (Hemingway Museum)
200 N. Oak Park Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60302