Elizabeth Berg presents Writing Matters: Visiting Authors to Oak Park



Writing Matters is ecstatic to present the incredibly talented and wildly irreverent author, artist, actor, playwright, former radio host and true Chicago character, Tony Fitzpatrick. His new book, THE SECRET BIRDS, is made up of arresting and exquisitely beautiful images of birds, and equally arresting and exquisite prose. Tony can make you laugh and cry in the same paragraph.

At this event, we will be serving wonderful food and our usual awesome assortment of homemade desserts, as well as wine and non-alcoholic beverages. Flowers will be everywhere. The atmosphere at Writing Matters events is always festive and fun, but this time it will be even more fun because of the addition of a live raptor! There will also be information about birds in our area, as well as events concerning birds, provided by the Trailside Nature Center in River Forest.

As people who have come to our events know, this is far more than a typical author reading and signing. It's a real evening out, informative, inspirational, inspiring and convivial. I'm still waiting for people who meet at a Writing Matters event to fall in love. It could easily happen. It could happen this time! Come single, come alone, come in groups, bring your book club. (This particular event is NOT suitable for children, however.)  
As in all WRITING MATTERS events, proceeds from the $10 ticket charge will go toward charity. This time we will use the money to give to anti-violence groups in the city of Chicago.

Warning: This will be a hugely popular event, folks; better get your tickets right away!

"There were eight kids in our family and it exhausted my mother. Every morning my grandmother Mamie would toast a couple of pieces of bread and tear them into pieces (sometimes she'd put jelly on them) and she'd throw them off the back stoop to the birds and then she'd watch them through the window. The first time I watched her do this, I was surprised. In our house it was a cardinal sin to waste food.....I asked my grandmother why she was giving our bread to the birds and she quietly told me, "For a piece of bread, you can hear God sing."
--Tony Fitzpatrick

This event will feature a lovely space, as usual, food and wine, as usual. We'll have a warm-up act of a speaker and enthusiastic birder, Diann Bilderback,  Val Camiletti from Val's Halla will make her awesome compilation CDs to be given away. 

This event costs $10, and any proceeds will be given toward anti-violence efforts.

As with the other events we've done, this will feel like a real evening out, a night's entertainment. My wish is for you to be pleased, surprised, edified, galvanized, and inspired.

Oak Park is a great town to do this in, because there are so many good stores and restaurants here, as well as the Frank Lloyd Wright house and studio. (Many of his houses are here, and you can take a tour of them if you'd like.) Come and make a day of it! Also, we are thrilled that we often have out-ot-towners who come and make a weekend --or week--of it!

You can buy your tickets at Brown Paper tickets:


  or at the door, though if you want to guarantee a seat, it's better to get your ticket ahead.

Saturday, July 16, 2016
Oak Park Arts Club (Hemingway Museum)
200 N. Oak Park Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60302