Dinner partyHow would we survive without girlfriends? I want to let mine contribute to my website in whatever way they see fit. Be prepared for anything on this page! And incidentally, if you write to me, you may find that I'm asking your permission to be quoted here.


Hot Tips!

I have two girlfriends who have stores, and they are so special I want you all to have a chance to visit them, even if it's only on line. I believe so much in supporting independent stores, places where people's passions are identifiable and REAL. If we don't support places like this, all we'll be left with is chain stores that lack any sense of wonder. And anyway, these women are my friends, and friends try to help friends.


Go to to see my friend Karen Morava's store, which is my go-to store when I need to buy a beautiful and unique and girly gift for someone. There's jewelry inspired by nature, bamboo linens, fabulous-o purses, wonderful soaps, dishware to die for....Well, you'll see.

Also please look at I've already mentioned my friend Denise Norton's store, called flavour, in my recipe section, but this is her web site and you can see what kind of classes she offers, etc. And it's one of the coolest designs for a website I've ever seen!