Just checking in….

Hi, everyone. It’s been an aggravating time, lately, as someone hacked my Facebook page. I’m working on fixing it, but wanted to at least say something here about…oh, the cardinal I saw first thing this morning, sitting high up on a bare tree. Thank goodness for cardinals in the winter, nature’s make up, that emphatic color we get when all seems otherwise washed of color. Many people in my neighborhood have left up their Christmas lights, and boy, I know why. At least that light! At least that cheer! I’ll share with you one other thing that recently brought me enormous cheer. My three year old grandson and I were doing our usual arts and crafts time. We were drawing kitten faces and snakes and lions and having a fine time. Suddenly, apropos of nothing, he looked over at me and said, “You could be my little possum. Would that help?” I laughed, but actually….it would! I hope you’re feeling like you’re someone’s little possum today.