Elizabeth Berg posing with a camera
Say cheese!
Elizabeth with her Grandchildren at birthday party with cake
December 2010. Here’s a great pic of E. and her grandchildren.
Dinner Party with Girlfriends
Lemon Meringue Pie

December 2. 2010.  Elizabeth threw a fabulous dinner party for her girlfriends to celebrate her birthday.  It was her idea, she wanted to do all the cooking (I made the garlic bread).  It was a cold night in Chicago and the next day we would wake up to a heavy snowfall, but that night we celebrated Elizabeth.  The DEElicious dinner was pasta puttanesca, caesar salad and garlic bread – A Garlic Birthday!  We drank champagne and wine and for dessert we indulged in the most luscious lemon meringue pie (see pic below) also made by the birthday girl, and red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles brought by her daughter Jenny and yes, most of us had both.   It was a party!  Nothing like dinner with the girls, especially in E’s warm comfortable home which as Judy Markey said was like seeing little lit fireplaces everywhere.  –Phyllis Florin (not pictured since I took it)

Sunset in Wisconsin
This pic was taken in Wisconsin where Beth and I often go to read and write and drink martinis and eat and gab endlessly.  It’s farm country and beautiful.  One evening we took a walk, just before dusk.  The blackbirds were flying in to roost, the frogs were singing, the cows had come home.  It was glorious. -Phyllis Florin
Statue outside Grand Central Station

I looked up in the sky while walking past Grand Central Station on my recent trip to NYC and saw Mercury, Minerva and Hercules are perplexed, sad…

MEMORIAL DAY – too many dead for foolish reasons.
It’s heartbreaking. I want to curl up under their wings and books and weep.
– Marianne Quasha

Photoshopped image of Elizabeth Berg

I love making cards for my friends using Photoshop and the internet. I knew how engrossed in the Forties Beth was when she was working on her latest book and I wanted to make her a Forties woman so for her birthday, I searched the Internet and found this fabulous Hedy Lamarr photo taken in 1946 and put her face on it. It¹s perfect. She used to have hair similar to that when she was a pup. Sigh.
– Phyllis Florin

Grandson on Birthday
My beeeeeautiful grandson, Matthew, on his first birthday!
Elizabeth Berg in the Kitchen
Homer helps Mommy cook- We really need a cooking show
Image of Positano
This is beautiful Positano.
Elizabeth Berg photo on a boat
And this is my favorite souvenir-that-I-didn’t-actually-bring-home. I had this photo taken to make Bill jealous, but all it did is make my girlfriends jealous.
Plate of fresh food
Want some?
Mama Rosa making ricotta
This is Mama Rosa making ricotta.
Coffee cup at cafe
Espresso, anyone?
Road Signs image
Even the road signs are beautiful!
A box of freshly picked lemons
My daughter Julie’s favorite picture from my trip. The lemons there can be as big as grapefruits.

Introducing Katelyn Rose