I’ll Be Seeing You

What’s it about?

This memoir is about my parents’ last years, when my dad developed Alzheimer’s Disease and they had to leave their long-time home and move to a place that offered more help. It is a deeply personal but universal story that charts the movement from pain, anger, and confusion into graceful acceptance.

What was the inspiration?

When my family was going through this difficult transition, I saw how valuable it was to hear stories from others going through the same thing. I wrote this book to offer comfort to myself and to others.

I'll Be Seeing You Book Cover
Random House – October 27th, 2020


“I learned that the frustration and anger that come up in these situations goes both ways: you’re frustrated and/or angry with your parents, and they’re frustrated and/or angry with you. I saw how deep the despair can be in understanding that you can no longer properly care for yourself, but I also saw how accepting the love and help that are offered can foster a whole new level of appreciation and understanding between parents and children. I learned that in the middle of what can feel like a gigantic, painful mess, there can suddenly be the saving grace of humor, or the salve of a certain kind of insight.”

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