Night of Miracles

What’s it about?

NIGHT OF MIRACLES is the sequel to THE STORY OF ARTHUR TRULUV, although it can be read as a stand-alone book. It focuses on the fictional town of Mason, Missouri, and the characters who live there, especially the seemingly irascible Lucille, who has begun teaching baking classes in the town. You are also introduced to new characters: Monica, a waitress at Polly’s Henhouse and Tiny, a cab driver who is head over heels about Monica, but can’t quite make his feelings known. Iris is a new resident of the town who has left Boston to try to forge a new life and get over a divorce. And you meet Abby, who is dealing a terrible diagnosis affecting not only her but her husband and 10-year old son. As with THE STORY OF ARTHUR TRULUV, this novel is meant to provide comfort and offer hope, and to remind us all of the goodness inherent in every person.

Night of Miracles Book Cover
Random House – November 2018

What was the inspiration?

I found myself becoming increasingly depressed about the way the world seems to be going. I wanted to write myself out of my own funk, to remind myself of the beauty in the world, and in small things. It worked! (And now I’m almost done with the third novel in the series!)


“Lucille thinks she knows how must people would regard what happened between her and Frank. There was a time when she was in her late fifties and a woman from church, who was approaching ninety, told Lucille in a tremulous voice, “I still need love, too, you know.” And Lucille felt a kind of embarrassment mixed with disdain, she must admit she felt some disdain. Because she believed the woman should be all through with that. What she knows now is that no one is ever through with love. No one ever should be.”

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