The Confession Club

What’s it about?

A group of women who start a supper club end up with more than they bargained for. After an intimate revelation by one of the members, the supper club becomes a confession club. Maddy Harris and Iris Winters are invited to join, and it turns out it’s just in time. This is the third in the popular Mason, Missouri series.

What was the inspiration?

I liked being in the fictional town of Mason Missouri so much I couldn’t quite leave. And for this book, I was inspired by the fact that often times, what we fear revealing to people is what can make us close to them. I also wanted to write a wee love story.

The Confession Club book cover
Random House – 2019


“For Confession Club, Joanie Benson is going to make Black Cake. It seems right: dense, mysterious, full of odd little bits and pieces of surprising ingredients. It was seeing “The Belle of Amherst” that gave her the idea. Joanie had enjoyed the play, not so much for all that truth must dazzle gradually stuff—although, come to think of it, didn’t that fit right in with Confession Club?”

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