The Last Time I Saw You

What’s it About?

A fortieth high school reunion, written from five different points of view: 2 men and three women. All the characters attend for different reasons; all experience a significant change in their lives afterward.

What was the inspiration?

Every time an ad for “Find Your Classmates!” comes on my computer, it makes me tempted to do just that. I often wonder about certain people I went to school with, and I still have a lot of memories from those years: some positive, some not. Some REALLY not. I wanted to explore what it is that inspires people to visit their past in this way. I wanted to look at why so many people’s memories of high school are so compelling, still so freshly felt. I wanted to “go” to a reunion not my own, with characters I made up. I wanted to have FUN writing something, and I did have a really good time writing this book. One character in particular, Dorothy, was especially fun to write. She’s pretty clueless, at least at the beginning, but I couldn’t help but like her.

The Last Time I Saw You Book Cover


Dorothy has never gone to a high school reunion. She was always married when they had them before, and who wanted to bring THAT to a reunion? Now she is divorced, plus she saw that movie about saying yes to life. She steps closer to the mirror and raises her chin so her turkey neck disappears. She’ll hold her head like this when she walks past Pete Decker. Later, when they’re making out in his car, it will be dark, and she won’t have to be so vigilant. Oh, she hopes they can make out in his car; she’s heard people always make out in cars at high school reunions.

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