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Elizabeth Berg's Books"Maybe Freud didn't know the answer to what women want, but Elizabeth Berg certainly does."
--The Seattle Times

"Heartwrenching...hilarious....Berg sits somewhere between Anne Tyler and Alice Hoffman."
--Chicago Sun-Times

"Berg's writing is to literature what Chopin's etudes are to music--measured, delicate, and impossible to walk away from until their completion."
--Entertainment Weekly

"Elizabeth Berg's gift as a storyteller lies most profoundly in her ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the remarkable in the everyday."
The Boston Globe


Here is a list of every book I've written. I've provided a plot summary, something about what inspired each book, and a sample quote. Think of this as a cyber bookstore (with a certain prejudice toward authors) and wander around, browsing. You'll get a good idea of what each book is like.

I am proud to say that my books have been translated into twenty-seven languages. Thus far there have been three television movies made: from Range of Motion, Open House and Say When. And I'm immensely gratified that for every single book I've written, there's been someone who has said about it, "This one is my favorite."

I'm often asked if I have a favorite. The truth is that my books are like children to me, and I really do love them all. However, I have a special affection for Durable Goods. All of these titles are readily available with the exception of Family Traditions, the only title of mine that is out of print. It can be found on line, however.

If you want a book signed, you can send it to me at the contact address provided on this website. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. I'll sign it and send it right back to you. Or you can buy one directly from The Book Table in Oak Park ( and they will send you a personalized copy.